Diploma in
Interior Design

  • Duration: 1 Year 3 to 6 Hrs Daily
  • Fees: Rs 1,50,000/-
  • Lumpsum Rs.1,20,000/-
  • 1st Installment Rs.50,000/-
    Balance in 12x10,000/- Monthly
  • Eligibility: SSC, Inter & Graduates.

Interior Design is the art of designing furniture, arranging furniture, indoor spaces for better Utility, comfort and luxury. Keeping in view the privacy of vision, sound and smell.

After the completion of the course, the student will be able to design the Interiors of Flats, Residences, bungalows, villas, Offices etc; as per the requirements of the owners and the availability of space.

Start as junior designer in a design firm, and after gaining experience start your own office, consultancy.
Our vast syllabus, practical training will equip you to face the challenges in the field.

SYLLABUS: Includes the courses given below:

  1. Civil Draughtsmanship: 3 MON 15,000 View details
  2. SKETCHUP 3d 1 MON 12,000 View details
  3. CAD 2d, 2 MON 10,000 View details
  4. Interior Design 4 MON 45,000 View details
  5. REVIT 3d, Arch 2 MON 20,000 View details
  6. REVIT MEP 1 MON 12,000 View details
  7. Working Drawings 45 days 20,000 View details
  8. Quantity Survey Interiors 2 MON 16,000 View details
  9. Readymade, wardrobes, Kitchen cabinets, work stations.
  10. Measurement and drawing of houses and flats.
THEORY CLASSES, video lessons, PRACTICAL SITE VISITS, MARKET SURVEY For complete Syllabus see the ‘ Guide book for Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN

Interior Design -
Introduction - Elements and principles of design, basic drawing front view, top view, side view. , Scale, Proportion, Harmony, Balance, Variety, Contrast, Rhythm, Pattern, Emphasis, Design expression.
Introduction to plan, section and elevation.
Types of doors, windows, cupboards, wardrobes, arches etc;, Interior planning of: drawing. dining. bedroom. study. kitchen etc..
Different designs, Alternate plans fo for the same house. Detailed study of the materials used in interiors.
Diff: scales and uses. furniture — practical’s - measure and draw, plan's & elevations of Different types of furniture, furniture arrangement in drawing room, bedroom, children's room, study, living & dining, kitchen, toilet store room etc; interior design of a residence, complete furniture arrangement.
Decorating the interiors: curtains, carpets, wall hanging, curtains, pots. flowers vases etc., , Wall Construction and Cladding, Paints, Fabric, Wood, Mirror, Stone, Doors, Windows and Window Coverings, Curtains, Glossary of terms.
Colour wheel — monochromatic, analogous, triad and complimentary schemes.
Psychology of colours, Colour Harmony, Software’s: Revit, Sketchup + Photo-shop
History of interior design Renaissance, Baroque & Rococo, Neo classical style, Art Nouveau, Art Deco. Modern style, Post-modern Era, Indian style & study of all types of furniture .
Furnishing material & Finishes - Furniture arrangement in flat, shop, office. Air conditioning, Electrical details & drawings - Water supply drawings. False ceiling details. Gypsum Ceiling, Metal Ceiling, Ceiling Tiles, Other Ceilings, Ceiling design considerations Landscaping indoor and outdoor plants.

Flooring : Marble mosaic. Ceramic tiles, Stone, Wooden Flooring, Vinyl, Carpets, Raised floors, Depressed surfaces, Wooden flooring, Tiled and Stone flooring, Glass floor panels, Developments in carpets, wooden laminated flooring and tiles.

Office Interiors : Selecting furniture
D. Developing a design plan
E. Lighting

Office trends, Reception areas, Staff areas, Canteens, Cabins, Board rooms, conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Electrical, Lighting, Air conditioning, Plumbing and Sanitary.
Vastu shastra for interiors.
Execution Drawings for furniture for easy designing.
Estimations & Costing of interior -furniture. Partitions. Wall panelling painting, carpets, false ceiling, wardrobe -showcases, lighting etc.
Market Survey of products and material information
Communication skills, Negotiation skills. Site visits of under construction buildings, ongoing projects.
Referring magazines, books, websites, related to interiors.
Portfolio of Project work: Flat, Bungalow, Office Restaurant.
Preparing Estimation for complete turnkey works.