Diploma in
Total Station

  • Duration: 15 Days.
  • Fees: Rs 12,000/-
  • Eligibility: Land Survey Basic + cad

Total Station is the advanced electronic / computerised machine for topographic surveying. It is integrated with an electronic distance meter (EDM) to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point.The distances, angles, and co-ordinates are measured by infrared signals, with great accuracy.

It can store data of distance, angles, levels which can be downloaded to a computer later. The computer will use this data to generate a map and get prints from the printer.
Total station is used widely in all civil works all over the world as it saves time and maintains accuracy.

Total Station :

Advantages – Fundamental quantities measured – Parts and accessories – working principle – On board calculations – Field procedure – Errors and Good practices in using Total Station Practical (P).

Total station-general commands used- instrument preparation and setting-reading distances and angles, Measurement of distances and coordinates of given points, using EDM and Total station, Measurement of altitudes of given elevated points, using total station