Diploma in
Civil Draughtsmanship

  • Duration: 3 Months and 6 Months
  • Fees: Rs 15,000/- and Rs 30,000/-
  • Eligibility: SSC, Inter & Graduates.

Civil Draughtsman is an important part of construction and Drawing is the first step for all construction works .

After successful completion of the course the student’s will be able to transform free hand sketches of Architects & Engineers into neatly scaled out drawings.

Example: They can develop any single line Plan for Municipal Permission.
Referance: See images (Click to See).

Complete Syllabus: in GUIDE book for ‘Civil Draughtsmanship’ 100 Pages, 50 Practice drawing sheets, 10 Theory classes, 8 Practical’s, and many video lessons.

1. Learn to draw starting from lines, rectangle, circle, polygons, objects. Types of arches and openings, Diff: shapes, sunshades. See Videos

2. Next Different rooms their uses and sizes. Veranda, sit out, drawing, living, dining, children’s room, master bedroom, dressing, closet, kitchen, toilets, wash, store, prayer, guest room, study, library, garage, portico, Staircases, railing, etc; See notes in the Book

3. SCALES: Use of different scales, reducing and enlarging scales, British system and Metric system (1/48, 1/96- 1:50, 1:100, 1:200). As per requirement - Calculations & conversions in metric & British system. Click to see Conversion Table(1)

4. Building Drawing: Plan, Section, and Elevation. Site plan, Location plan, Registration plan and Municipal permission plan. Placing of doors, windows, ventilators, arches, entry foyers etc.Notes and videos

5. PRACTICE DRAWINGS: Plans of many residences, Office cum residence, Clinic cum residence Indian, American bungalows, Saudi villas, school, hotel, residential complex, plotting layout. Placing of ward robes, cup boards, showcases.

6. STAIRCASE: Calculating the number of steps as per the given height of the building. Increasing and reducing the size of riser, tread, mid and main landing. Types of staircases, single flight, L-shaped, common, doglegged, bifurcated, open well.

7. AREA CALCULATION: Calculating: Plot/ Land area, plinth/ built-up area, Open area. Ground floor, first floor, second floor area, Typical floor area, Total built-up area, Tot lot area, Mezzanine area, Circulation area, Common area, Balcony area, Carpet area, Penthouse area. Click to See the different types of Areas in India. (1)

8. For LAYOUTS: Land area, Plotted area, Roads area, Park/ Garden area, Shops/ Commercial area, School area. Community hall, Club, Swimming pool, Clinic/ Hospital. Area allocated for mosque, temple, church, security, watchman, servant quarters, maintenance staff.

9. Practical's: Measuring and drawing of See Photo's
   i. Doors, Windows, Aluminium Partitions, Grill, Gate etc.
    ii. Chair, Sofa, Bed, Dining Table, Cupboard, Ward Robe etc. Total 40 items See List(2)

10. Site visits:Going to the site, self-measurement, preparing the drawing and area calculation of open plots, existing houses, buildings. 6 Site Visits.

11. Theory classes from time to time. See List(3)