Diploma in Architecture

  • Eligibility: SSC, Inter & Graduates.
  • Duration:
    One Year - Basic. Fees: Rs 1,50,000/-
  • Two years - Advanced
  • Fees: Rs 3,00,000/-
  • Three years with Practical Training.
  • Fees Rs.5,00,000/-
  • Discounts on Lumpsump payments.-
    For installments contact office.
  • Eligibility: SSC, Inter & Graduates.

FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER are the basic needs of human beings. An Architect converts the dreams of a person to have a HOME into reality.

The difference between a HOUSE and a HOME, is same as ready made clothes and tailored clothes.

Architecture is the art of designing Homes, Rooms, arranging furniture, indoor spaces, for better Utility, comfort and luxury. Keeping in view the privacy of vision, sound and smell.

An Architect designs a Home as per the requirement of the Family members. Their profession, hobbies, eating, sleeping, dressing habits, height, weight, other preferences etc;

Prospects: After successful completion of the course the student will get employment as Asst. Architect/ Asst. Planner, Asst Designer, In Architectural, Engineering, Builders & Construction Firms in India and Abroad. After attaining required experience, they can setup their own office/firm.

Apprentice training, and JOB guidance will be provided.

Syllabus : Includes all the courses given below. For detailed syllabus click on the course.

  1. Civil Draughtsmanship: 3 MON 15,000 View details
  2. CAD 2d, 2 MON 12,000 View details
  3. Architectural Design 45 days 20,000 View details
  4. Working Drawings 45 days 20,000 View details
  5. Interior Design Basic 1M 25,000 View details
  6. REVIT 3d, Arch 2 MON 20,000 View details
  7. REVIT MEP 1 MON 12,000 View details
  8. SKETCHUP 3d 1 MON 12,000 View details
  9. Quantity Survey 2 MON 20,000 View details
  10. Basic Land servey View details

For complete Syllabus see the ‘ Guide book for Diploma in Architecture